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Concord DVR and NVR systems are available with 1080p to 4K resolutions in different configurations of camera type and quantity, regardless of whether you want a basic 4 camera system to keep an eye on your home or the latest 4K systems with remote monitoring on your phone, Concord has you covered.

Why more resolution is better

When it comes to watching your favourite movies, more resolution is better - we probably all agree on that. The same applies to your surveillance equipment, but it's about far more than the latest blockbuster. It could easily mean the difference between catching a criminal, or not. Consider a scenario where someone has broken in to your home or office. The intruder was captured on your surveillance system - great! But... there's a logo on their shirt, can you make out what it says? There's a tattoo on their arm, can you tell what it is? They've got something in their hand, was it a clue? This is where the quality and resolution of your surveillance equipment could mean the difference between an arrest, and no arrest, despite you having surveillance footage of the intrusion. It's the detail that matters.

The Concord range of surveillance products come in three levels of resolution:

  • 1080p = 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 5MP = 2592 x 1944 pixels
  • 4K = 3840 x 2160 pixels

If you aren’t sure what they mean think of it in terms of how many individual pixels of colour are available to be shown on your TV, monitor or phone, the more pixels you have the more you can zoom in before they become unrecognisable.


A DVR connects to analogue cameras using dedicated power and signal cables between the DVR and each camera and converts the analogue video signals to digital video for live view and storage.


An NVR connects to digital IP (internet protocol) cameras over a data network (using a wired or wireless network connection) in the same way your computer connects to the internet at home. IP cameras capture footage as digital video that is streamed to the NVR which then makes it available for live viewing and storage.

IP cameras

Certain models of Concord 4K IP cameras when used in conjunction with our 4K NVRs offer a wide range of features such as intelligence support, intrusion alerts, two-way audio and line crossing, there is even one camera that has a spotlight, siren and two way audio all of which are available over the same IP network connection and on your mobile device. Whereas analogue cameras tend to offer basic video surveillance features.

DVR Surveillance

High quality, affordable kits to suit a range of budgets and applications.

DVR Range

DVR Cameras

Quality cameras to expand and upgrade your system.

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Network Your Vision

Using Network cables instead of traditional video cables, NVR kits provide superior cabling options and functionality.

NVR Range

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