8 Channel 4K NVR Package - 4x5MP Cameras

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Versatile 5MP surveillance package for home, office, or commercial applications. Network video recorder (NVR) system for easier installation and setup.
• Includes 8 channel 4K UHD NVR and 4 x 5MP bullet cameras
• Concord CNK8845P-A


This Network Video Recorder uses ethernet cables to carry video audio and power to each IP camera. This saves you from messy wiring and multiple power supplies.

The IP cameras can also be connected to your wired network allowing you to have cameras hundreds of metres away if you have a large property without impacting the image quality.

The kit includes four weatherproof Super HD bullet cameras with a built-in infrared LEDs for night vision up to 30m and  Thermal Detect Technology to help prevent false triggers.

The NVR includes a built-in 2TB HDD and supports FTP storage or Dropbox™ Cloud Storage to safeguard your data and push notifications to send alerts to your phone.

The 4K DVR allows you to upgrade the cameras to 4K Ultra High Definition for even more detail.

Watch live or playback video on your HDTV or LCD monitor via HDMI or VGA or login remotely via your Apple or Android compatible Smartphone or Tablet using the free app.

Connecting your Smartphone is made easy using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology and scanning a QR code with the app.

A USB mouse is included to navigate the on-screen menus, and there is a second USB 2.0 port that allows you to save recordings to a USB thumb drive for sharing or viewing on other devices, as well as uploading firmware updates.


- 4K UHD Network Video Recorder
- 4 Weatherproof 5MP Bullet IP Cameras (Expandable to 8 cameras)
- 2TB Internal Storage
- Audio Recording
- Power-over-Ethernet
- Facial Detection
- Smartphone Viewing & Notification

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Video Recorder

Video Output (Monitor)
  • HDMI Type-A
  • D15 HD (VGA)
Audio Output
Audio Connection
Supported Display Resolution
4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Recording Resolution (Digital Input)
4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Frame Rate (Maximum per Channel)
Recording Format
  • H.264 (MPEG4)
  • H.265 (MPEG4)
Included Hard Drive
Hard Drive Upgrade Capacity
Storage Media Type
Maximum Recording Time
LAN Standard
1000BASE-T (10/100/1000Mbps)
LAN Port Type
Windows Compatible
Mac OS Compatible
Apps to suit
  • Apple iOS
  • Android

Box Contents

8 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder
4 x 5MP PIR IP Bullet Cameras
4 x 18m Ethernet Cables
Mains Power Cable and Adaptor
USB Mouse
1m HDMI Cable
1m Network Cable


5MP (2592 x 1944)
Lens Angle
Infrared Range
Thermal Detection Range
IP Rating
Type of Camera
Output Signal
IP - Wired
Sensor Type
Frame Rate
  • 1.0fps
  • 15.0fps
Sensor Size
1/2.8 Inch

Mike N

Good hardware let down by awful, fragmented and outdated software

03 June, 2020

Properly formatted version of review...

Mike N

Good hardware let down by awful, fragmented and outdated software

03 June, 2020

We recently had the misfortune to be visited early one morning by a low IQ moron in a car, who decided it was ok to reverse up our drive and use it as a burnout launch ramp, leaving us a delightful strip of rubber as a souvenir. Fortunately the ground was slightly damp and the tire tracks weren't too strong and should be easy to clean away - apparently oven cleaner is good.Despite this sort of behaviour being unusual in our area, I decided to make things a little more awkward for Mr. Peabrain and his probable passengers, should he be stupid enough to return for an encore, by installing a CCTV system at home.After some research I decided on the Concord CNK8845P-A system from Jaycar at $999. Four cameras (expandable to eight) with infrared, a two terabyte hard drive, network capabilities and (most importantly) hard wired, not Wi-Fi - too easy to hack. Apparently the Concord range of hardware is essentially the same as Swann, but branded for Jaycar and the like.The box contains the main unit, four cameras with fixings, four 18m IP cables, one HDMI lead, one network lead, a usb mouse, the power supply and two useless user guides.The Installation Guide is frankly a joke. While it did give the theoretical basics of installing the system, it was disturbingly light on actual detail, essentially saying "connect the bits together, turn it on, configure it". The cameras each come with 18m four core IP leads with RJ45 plugs on the end and what turned out to be waterproof connector covers (four pieces each) for the terminals. I worked these out because I work with computers all the time, the rest of the family didn't have a clue - a simple line drawing showing them assembled was all that was needed but none could be found. The Setup Guide was of equally little use.Once I had the system up and running I discovered the next delight - an on-screen keyboard. The unit comes supplied with a mouse but I discovered that it will not recognise a usb keyboard or mouse/keyboard combo, thus requiring all typing to be performed on a pathetic on-screen keyboard using the mouse. Why, for God's sake, why?!? Even if it has to be configured after system startup, is keyboard support so hard to do?When the unit is started, it displays a setup wizard. I dismissed this as I just wanted to confirm the cameras/cables were all good before installing them. Unfortunately I could not find how to re-display wizard anywhere in the menu system later on, only a full restart will display the option and that only if you haven't told out not to display it again - otherwise you're probably stuffed!Having setup and connected the installed cameras, connected it to my network and completed the wizard, I decided to try to complete the configuration of the system over my network.Oh dear...! Entering the IP address of my system into my laptop browser (Chrome) brought up a disturbing message, requesting that I use either IE8 or later, Firefox 51 or earlier, or Chrome 44 or earlier. For those who don't know, those versions of Chrome and Firefox are about FIVE years old (and IE8 is TEN years old!) with all their inherent security issues and, since I use Linux not Windows, I can't use IE.From what I've read elsewhere, the web interface still uses Flash, a vulnerable and dying technology that is not longer supported by Chrome or Windows 10, and only just on Firefox with effort. I find it disturbing that a security company should still have such arcane technology in their hardware - I'll be disabling that interface asap and Concord/Swann should do the same or replace it with a proper web app.Next, I visited the Concord website and downloaded the huge manual for the system and the Windows software package. After setting up a Windows virtual machine I installed the software but soon discovered that, while fairly comprehensive from a usage point of view - watching the camera views, saving/viewing videos and the like - it is pretty useless for properly configuring the system.The next option to try was the (Android) mobile app. Finally, here seemed to be something other than the device console, with its awful on-screen keyboard, that could configure the system to a reasonable level. The app is linked to the system by simply scanning a QR code from the console screen, at least there is no requirement to create yet another website account.While the mobile app (Android only tested) is comprehensive and enables the system to be quite well configured (though not completely by any means) it should be pointed out that the interface leaves much to be desired. I write software for a living, including mobile apps, and the interface can be quite muddled and unintuitive. I won't go into all the aspects of the app but will say that it can perform quite a significant amount of the day to day configuration of the system, all remotely. Additionally, if suitably set up, the app is able to view the live cameras video feed, view recordings, take photos, control recordings and configure emails and push notifications.The system can be set to notify users via email and push notification to the app when the cameras are set to automatically record if they detect motion and etc. In addition, the recordings can be automatically ftp'ed to a remote server and/or to the Cloud but only to DropBox or Google Drive, not MS One Drive. The main problem I had was that the push notifications are very unreliable - it took almost 18 hours for these to start working and even then they were not particularly reliable, the emails turned up with great regularity but the notifications didn't - very disappointing. In addition, trying to configure the emails to send via my own email server failed completely and I had to use gmail - the system's error messages were utterly useless.In the end, the final configuration of the system simply had to be completed on the console, with that awful on-screen keyboard, there was simply no other option. It is disappointing that with all these different interfaces, the entire user experience was appallingly fragmented and inconsistent.So, after all this effort, how do I find the system?It must be said on first impressions, that it is very fit for purpose in most aspects. The camera images and recordings, both day and night (IR), are of excellent quality. In day light the images are clear and bright, to be expected being 5MP, easy to view either on the console, via the Windows software or the mobile app. At night the infrared LEDs on the cameras illuminate well and the resulting images are equally clear, albeit in IR monochrome.The movement and heat detection sensors on the cameras seem to work well, almost too well, requiring considerable tweaking of various zones and image masks to fully configure to reduce false positives. There are a whole swathe of settings I have yet to sit down and configure - the downloaded manual is over 150 pages and appears very comprehensive. It is a shame that the four page NVR Installation Guide and eight page NVR Setup Guide weren't more comprehensive - they were almost a waste of paper, even the downloaded manual wasn't any help with the installation and the Setup guide barely offered more than a reprint of the Wizard screens.The cameras included in the system have no microphone but the system is apparently capable of recording audio too. I would like to change the front door camera to one with a microphone so I can record the conversations of visitors such as delivery drivers and the like, I'll then put the spare camera to cover the street. Unfortunately the only Concord camera with a microphone is almost $300 and has extra unwanted functions like floodlights and a speaker -potentially permitting two way communication, though I don't know if the system supports that. Swann do sell a similar camera to the provided ones with just a microphone but Jaycar have it listed as discontinued. Looks like I need to research a little further.The firmware update process of the system seems a little confused with some updates apparently being automatically downloaded and applied and some requiring an intermediate USB Key step.To conclude, therefore, this is undoubtedly an advanced CCTV system. To suggest that this is just a simple consumer product, that anyone can easily install, is a little disingenuous. It's true that some of today's more technically aware kids might be able to configure this system but they probably wouldn't be able to do the cabling, so most families would likely struggle .The truth is that it took me about six to eight hours to do the installation of the cameras and the cabling properly, then at least another hour to perform the initial system configuration. Bearing in mind that I write software for a living, can install home networks and build PCs, I also completely rewired my home in the UK (legally), I think that I'm far more capable of this sort of thing and I found it hard - the average consumer is, I believe, going to struggle to do a good job of this. A UPS (uninteruptable power supply) is an additional piece of necessary hardware if you want the system to continue recording if the power goes out.I would love to rate this product higher but the fragmented interfaces for configuring and using the system, the woeful installation documentation and the, frankly dangerously, out of date web interfaces mean I have to penalise it. I'll be more than happy to increase the rating if a firmware update kills or replaces the web interface with a real one.I cannot in good conscience give it more than two stars, primarily due to the poor security issues and awful use interfaces, and that is being generous. It deserves more but that requires effort on the manufacturer's part.

Vance Jager

A Great all round system for the $.

12 November, 2019

Installed this last week. The images are good and the software is versatile. P2P to the main unit and POE cameras makes it easy to setup and operate the system. I have already had a few colleagues consider buying this same setup after looking at our installed system and the quality for the $$$. Thanks.

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