8 Channel Wireless NVR Kit with 4 x 1080p Cameras

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A wireless surveillance system designed to keep your home and business secure. - Includes 8 channel wireless NVR and 4 x 1080p wireless cameras -

    This Network Video Recorder uses wireless cameras to save you from running video wires through the home or office. You just need a power outlet close enough to the camera to plug in the individual 12v power supplies with 13m long cables.

    Perfect for situations where access through the building is difficult such as old double brick houses or apartments. The kit includes four wireless 1080p HD Bullet cameras with a transmission range up to 40m.

    Each camera has built-in infrared LEDs for night vision up to 12m and Thermal Detect Technology to help prevent false triggers. Built-in microphone and external speaker can achieve two-way call between cameras and APP.  

    The NVR includes a built-in 1TB HDD and supports FTP storage or Dropbox™ Cloud Storage to safeguard your data and push notifications to send alerts to your phone. 

    Watch live or playback video on your HDTV or LCD monitor via HDMI or VGA or log in remotely via your Apple or Android compatible Smartphone or Tablet using the free app. 

    Connecting your Smartphone is made easy using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology and scanning a QR code with the app. 

    A USB mouse is included to navigate the on-screen menus. A second USB 2.0 port and a micro SD card slot allow you to backup data to external storage.


    - 1080p Wireless Network Video Recorder
    - 4 Wireless Weatherproof Bullet Cameras 
    - 1TB Internal Storage
    - PIR Motion Detection
    - Smartphone Viewing & Notification
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    Gary Alderson


    31 July, 2023

    i did not do my research before buying this set. the signal keeps dropping out, and 2 of the cameras are only 5 Meter's away. there is a massive delay on 2 of the cameras.i want to get rid of these and go back to Swann, but don't feel i can sell these ones to anyone. i would be embarrassed. and Jay Car shouldn't be selling this junk. makes me wonder what other junk they sell. be warned DON'T BUY THIS SHITE.

    Michael Fisher


    17 July, 2023

    Unfortunately I failed to research the reviews on this product prior to purchase and like those before me have suffered the consequences of poor investor choice. Many issue with the software such as being unable to turn on camera lights for expample, but the bigest problem is the App not facilitating the option for live streaming. Granted with the app you still need to wake up the cameras, but even this does not happen!. Figuring it might be benifical to do a software/firmware upgrade, indeed I did try (following the manufactures recommendations, but the system software seemingly doesn't facititate upgrades and when queried wityh Concord Product support, their response is " Shouldn't need to do a software/ firmware upgrade" Really?

    Stuart Nah


    07 December, 2022

    Utter crap. Sound comes through very faulty with a a lot of crackle over to top. Video quality is not good for 1080. It might look like a Swann but it’s a goose. Don’t waste your money on this rubbish brand. You will be disappointed every way you turn,

    Harry Hauschild

    False advertising

    01 November, 2022

    As others have said, lack of information and support. Promised manuals do not exist for proper explanation of setup. Furthermore, the battery wireless system is not even shown on this website. To add to that, the system is advertised as having a microphone and speaker. Yes it does, but the apps don't allow for its use. Should have gone with Swann

    James Colebatch

    Lack of adequate manual and support

    06 October, 2022

    No serious manual was provided with this set, just a superficial intial setup. No details of the NVR or its recording modes were provided.The cameras are good in daylight but the performance at night is very average - my older system performed better. The IR beam seems to be widely directed and this leads to problems with reflections. The camera direction adjustment is fairly crude. The cameras did connect to the NVR very readily however.A request to be contacted for support led to no response at all.I asked in Jaycar and was assumed their website had a manual - this was only the brief setting up details. The Concord site was said to have a full manual but this was only the initial setup as well.I have had to use other related manuals available on the net to guide me in setting up the NVR.I did want a powered system with WIFi connections to the NVR and this was the only one I was able to find.

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