AHD 5MP PIR Bullet Camera

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Expand your surveillance system for more coverage. CONCORD CDC5ABP-A

Expand your surveillance system with this weatherproof 5MP camera.

The bullet shape makes it more visible for potential intruders, working as a deterrent to protect your property and loved ones.

Features a built-in Thermal Detect Technology for compatible DVR systems and built-in infrared LEDs for night vision up to 20m.

The integrated IR cut filter improves colour reproduction during daylight and automatically switches off in darkness.

1 x Concord AHD 5MP PIR Bullet Camera
1 x 18m Cable
1 x Mains Power Adaptor
Mounting Hardware
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5MP (2592 x 1944)
Lens Angle
Infrared Range
Thermal Detection Range
IP Rating
Type of Camera
Output Signal
Sensor Type
Frame Rate
Sensor Size
1/2.8 Inch

Shaun Aggett

Painful to configure the camera - login page / firmware does not work properly

18 August, 2019

Had a ridiculously painful time setting the config in the camera. Major problems logging into the firmware. Tried firefox, chrome, IE, edge, opera and Safari from both PC and Mac. On the PC, it kept saying plug in not installed, which it prompted me to download and install, done that, then the browser was too new? It wanted me to use firefox before version 50 and chrome before version something as well. Could not get it to load the log in page. On the mac, it says to use safari 11. You can't just do that!! I also tried all the other flavours of browsers on the mac, and they all said use safari 11. The only way i could eventually access the cameras so i could configure them was through a VM running win7 with an old version of IE. Installed the plug in, and it then loaded the login page. Once logged in, you have to click the stop button on the interface immediately, or it runs hot within seconds and crashes. I was then finally able to configure the cameras and take note of the RTSP address so i could actually use the camera with my system. This address is not available anywhere on-line, or even on your support pages that i could find. This was realistically the only thing that i actually needed to get the cameras operational. Image quality seems good, but what a horrible experience setting it up. I upgraded from my old axis cameras which took less than 5 mins to configure, easy to use firmware, to this. Just to get the streaming details. What a joke. No instructions provided and i could not locate any online support articles relating to concord cameras.

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